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When Fashion meets Interiors. New Alexander McQueen collection for The Rug Company.


Another very successful partnership is the one between The Rug Company and Alexander McQueen. The first collection that took rug making to high couture levels won the award for ‘Fashion’s Contribution to Design’ at the 2010 Elle Decoration British Design Awards.

We had to wait for three years for both companies to join forces and create a new collection that  Sarah Burton defines as “both bohemian and pagan in spirit”, full of life, vibrant and organic.

Monarch takes a butterfly wing as a base motif to deconstruct and combine forming rugs with symmetric patterns extremely eye-catching in two colours. The line also features some cushions and pillows. The Pony rug uses the same principle but on an animal print pattern.

The  Poppy wall hanging line with magnifying floral bloom will be launched in December 2013 together with Folklore wall hanging. Alexander McQueen covers the wall with an elaborate story and folkloric imagery making traditional tapestry modern all over again.




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