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Mid-Century Modern Lighting. Introducing Delightfull.


I would like to introduce a new Portuguese lighting company called Delightfull that took my breath away when I discovered it not long ago during the London Design Week to the point that I have started using them for my projects and also for my own house.

Delightfull has an extensive catalog of pendant, wall lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps. All of them with an outstanding design, manufactured with the best materials and beautifully finished with an impressive attention to detail.

The designs have an attractive Mid-century look oscillating from Scandinavian Minimalism to a new interpretation on Art-Deco. Their last collection explores a more industrial aesthetic. All this means that Delightfull products would be quite suitable to almost any kind of project or environment.

My favourite ones are the Clark Suspension and the Botti suspension both of them inspired in musical wind instruments and constructed in a size that will convert them in the main feature of any living room.


Although they have a ready to ship list that is updated in a weekly basis most of the lights are manufactured by order, which means that all products can be 100% bespoke to suit any size or material. They offer many options on colours and metals with no extra charge. I highly recommend a visit to their website to get to know them and their products better. I hope you enjoy it!



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