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Industrial but cozy. Union Street Cafe.


When Gordon Ramsey, David Beckam and Russell Sage partner up to work in East London the result can only be an urban warehouse destination. Located in the not very appealing crossing of Union Street and Great Suffolk Street, Union Street Café opened its doors two weeks ago.

The Restaurant has been built in the ground and basement floor of a concrete industrial building. The floor has been covered in cement with distressed decoration, same as the pillars. All ducts and systems are exposed in the ceiling contributing to create that industrial feeling that only Russell knows how to achieve. There is a ‘red line’ theme going on across the ceilings in both floors as a kind of link.

The lower ground floor is a lively cozy bar with leather armchairs, woven rugs and specially commissioned artworks by local artist covering the cement walls. The restaurant is upstairs and has a curious ‘unfinished’ look. The furniture is not eclectic here as we would expect on this type of environment. Russell has chosen new designer furniture and the tables are left bare, without cloths.

Although the venue was fully booked before the opening and it keeps being quite succesful, I personally think Russell Sage knows how to do it better. One of my favourites restaurants from the designer is Bread Street Kitchen, worth a look… and a burger!!




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