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David Collins Studio. One Canada Square Restaurant.


Hospitality group ETM has teamed up with David Collins Studio to transform the (until a week ago) empty lobby of One Canada Square, one of the most iconic buildings in Canary Wharf, into a restaurant. And it may look like just a small dinning area that has been attached to the space in the shape of a big cube, but One Canada Square Restaurant has a lot more to offer that the eye can catch at first sight.

On the ground floor there is a big island bar and a dining area. Three gigantic Verde Imperial marble columns centre the space contrasting with the exisitng Rosso Levante marble walls and the green and red leathers in the furniture. The pewter top and the curtains on the exterior glazing bring an intimate brasserie feel to the ground floor level.

Behind the majestic columns a split staircase takes you to the mezzanine where the guest can enjoy the views through the floor-to-ceiling  windows. This level features a luxurious polished Macassar bar and extra dining space. Bespoked chairs and stools with white piping and exquisite detail combine with the smoked-oak floor and herringbone veneered table tops.




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