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Italy steps forward. Binari 11 by Andrea Langhi.


Piazza Cardorna is home to the main train Station with 10 tracks in Milan. Binari 11 (track number 11) is the latest creation from Andrea Langhi to celebrate the goodness of Italian bakery. The venue is placed in an old mansion and divided into two different areas: the bakery and the dining room.

The first one features a space adorned with hanging Renaissance reproductions from Agnolo Bronzino where the floor has the best italian Intarsia method. A black back wall with poems from Giovanni Pascoli explaining the process of making bread, combines with the original structural bricks  and industrial lighting  to create a whole new way of displaying food in a city known for its minimal interiors.

The second room is a bit more romantic, trying to bring back the nostalgia from the Orient Express era. The floor here is a black and white chessboard and there is a clever mixture of styles becoming even a bit exotic. The bar has an old distressed look with a pewter top. There is a mezzanine level with tables and chairs overlooking the ground floor where the guest can appreciate the scale of the big round lanterns illuminating the space. My favourite bit is the counter constructed over old suitcases.




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