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A late-Victorian train journey. Hoxley and Porter.


If you want to travel back in time while enjoying an inventive cocktail menu go to Hoxley & Porter , the new cocktail bar/restaurant in Islington, London. The interiors have been created by Kai Design trying to bring together the flavour of a gentlemen’s club with the colonial Victorian era inside of what emulates a train carriage.

The venue is divided into two parts: ‘Hoxley’ is the dining area and the staff is dressed in waistcoats and bow-ties. ‘Porter’ is the cocktail bar and is named after one of the most exquisite diamonds with a dark history behind it…

The space is full of natural light coming through the glazed façade. It is a warm cocoon in turquoise, gold leaf and tropical vegetation for privacy. The floor has been designed with two different woods in a simple but attractive way. Walls are decorated with vintage suitcases and covered in bespoke wallpapers with geometric patterns that are also present in the upholstery mixing with leathers. The furniture has been recovered, re-uphosltered  and placed behind  patterned glass screens against dark wood panelling. I really love the glazed corridor with the old train carriage features.

Maybe this weekend you should go and try ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you’ one of their colour changing cocktails.




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