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Stockholm glamour. Nosh and Chow


It is always great to jump to some cities where you can find the unexpected. In Stockholm and linked to the city’s trendsetting Berns boutique hotel you can find Nosh and Chow. It is an innovative townhouse functioning like a  Soho House-style club. The venue seats 150 guests and centres around a brasserie with an international food menu. The brasserie is supported by various bars and lounges and the upscale Bernie’s bar, located in the building’s yard house as a ‘members only’ space.

Lazaro Rosa-Violan is the architect that has transformed this townhouse into a luxury venue. After works like Boca Grande in Barcelona and Iberica in London, Lazaro has created an interior based in a mixture of pieces from all over the world including maps found in a market in Tokyo, lamps from a Polish hockey-rink, glass shades produced by Mallorca’s oldest glass factory and original tiles made for Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia.


Each room is a new discovery where floors, walls and ceilings alternate always keeping exquisite uniformity and an elegant style throughout. Lazaro transforms Industrial ducts in the ceilings into golden pipes always being loyal to his style and well known touches like the use of shutters to cover the walls. The white painted glazed panels together with the use of deep blue in walls and tiles bring that mediterranean flavour that only Lazaro knows how to achieve.



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