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The four temperatures. SABoC.


Barcelona is hosting a new venue featuring an innovative way of cooking based on four different types of temperature. SABoC is  beautifully located in one of the corners of the Born city’s neighbourhood. The restaurant has been designed by Madrid based Mexican architect Juan Carlos Fernandez who is already an expert on launching new hospitality space concepts (quite successfully) like Magasand Chueca and the new Magasand Retiro, together with Reyes Castellano and Adam Lee Bresnick. Antonio Romeo and Miguel Pena have also collaborated in the project.

The architects team have gone through an excersise of respect for the food and the venue quite remarkable. Since the menu and the cooking are the main focus in the restaurant, the interior has an elegant but simple look. The light wood of its nordic furniture and the subtle tones on the upholstery contrast with the use of traditional hexagonal hydraulic mosaic on the floor from the 19th Century, inspired on the Passeig de Gracia flooring.

1380260_10151747535011964_1066971395_nThe site has been stripped back to basics and the walls are showing the original bricks just painted in white. Big floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside in. The team has designed all joinery and cabinetry in plywood keeping in line with the nordic feel. It is not easy to work with raw materials and achieve a warm environment but the architects have empowered the interior to bring the fifth (and highest) temperature to the restaurant.



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