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New Milanese design. Chateau Monfort.


The name could not be more French, but the Chateau Monfort, on the Milanese city center, is not the typical chateau at all. To be fair, it is not a typical Milanese design hotel, or a typical anything! The style is based in a classic French flair but even that is carried through to a (sometimes a little bit excessive) postmodern imagination. The result is definitely  stylish in its unique way but also is as far as you can go from the sober (and sometimes boring) tones of Italian luxury design.

Chateau Monfort’s public spaces are theatrical, even dramatic. The design goes against any corporate rules even though it still is a high-end design hotel. Most hotels would tone it down a bit in the rooms and suites to bring that sense of calm and purity that, apparently, everyone wants to have in a hotel room. Chateau Monfort keeps the atmosphere throughout, mixing modern features with classic elements in unusual and surprising color combinations.


A full-service spa, a modern Italian restaurant, and a cellar wine bar round out the in-house attractions complete the hotel offer. The location is just meters away from the world’s most luxurious shopping district.It is the sort of experience anyone will likely remember for a while.



2 comments on “New Milanese design. Chateau Monfort.

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    November 18, 2013

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