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The spiral staircase chandelier. Ammo Hong Kong.


Interior Designer Joyce Wang made her appearance on the design scene 3 years ago. Creating WANG design practice, her career started the other way round as one would say. Wang has accomplished many successful projects over the 3 years. But one particular creation stands out through its design statements:  Ammo restaurant in Hong Kong.AMMO-restaurant-Joyce-Wang-Hong-Kong-yatzer-4

Joyce took inspiration for Ammo  from a science fiction film  directed by Jean-Luc Godard known as ‘Alphaville’. This particular 1960’s influence is one of the reasons why this space has such importance.

In the entrance, the attention is drawn to the three custom built sculptural spiral staircase chandeliers constructed out of copper plumbing pipes. In ‘Alphaville’ the idea of the spiral staircase keeps appearing as sense of motion and change of scene. Going further, the miniscule scale of detailing is truly what Joyce Wang is characterized for. The work in the bar back panel is just amazing.

Another very successful historic reference is the bunker-like ceiling. Supported by copper ribs, this structure lit in a very warm way, giving reference to the history of the building that host the building. The result? One can daydream for hours on end, as the product given for inspiration is great.



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