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The Instagram Hotel in Sydney. Hotel 1888


I have been studying the hotel business lately to realise that all those converted monasteries and private-island hotels are not in trend anymore. The industry is heading towards something more open, interactive, even social.

The 1888  Hotel in Sydney is one of the first examples of a new trend, adding a new exciting element: the Instagram app and its social media presence. You can notice the Instagram integration as soon as you walk into the hotel, and not just because they’ve taken great care making sure every inch of the hotel is photogenic, but also because there are specific areas that invite to take selfies and post them in the app.

The lobby, restaurant, kitchen and bar all blend together into one big central space. Vintage furniture upholstered in distressed leather combine with new pieces in vibrant colours in the wood-covered courtyard. There is a new and revised ‘industrial look’ approach with a luxury touch.


The rooms start out small ( the entry-level one is called the Shoebox) but they have good high ceilings, fluffy beds and lots of sunlight. The architects have kept the original windows making sure they are sound-proofed. Some pieces of furniture are built from timbers salvaged during the renovation in order to always remember the building’s industrial past because, at the end of the day, you are going to be sleeping in a 19th century wool factory. The shoeboxes turn into spacious, multi-level suites, one with its own private entrance through a pair of ornate, gigantic blue doors and a private roof terrace.



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