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More is more. Alma Hotel Tel Aviv.


I have to admit that I have been wrong on my opinion about this hotel. My job brings me to Tel Aviv every month because I am designing a new boutique hotel (that i hope will be the best one). I have had the chance to experience all types of hotels in the city without finding anything remarkable to say about any of them. I have always rejected the idea of staying in the Alma Hotel because when I saw its restaurant I found it quite over the top and that does not agree with the type of work that I normally produce. But I was wrong, the Alma Hotel is special, is different in its own way and brings a different dimension to the Hotel offer to the city.


The building dates from 1925 and it is one of the buildings listed inside the White City area of the capital by the UNESCO. The Interior design studio Shaltiel Kastiel has been responsible of creating something special, with help from mosaic and glass artist Lauri Recanati. The project is a mixture of styles and eras assuring the visual interest of the interior will never fade.

almatelaviv7 almatelaviv10











There is something interesting to look at almost everywhere: every upholstery, wall and surface are achieved in an opulent way. All the 15 rooms are completely different assuring the excitement of returning guests. And while it’s not quite the last word in luxury, Alma does come with a thoughtful complement of comforts, from (occasional) balconies, Bulgari bath products and in-room espresso makers to services like personal training, cooking lessons… The Alma lounge bar and restaurant uses Georgina furniture with colourful fabrics from velvets to leathers. There is a lot going on but, in this case (and only this one), I can say more is more.



2 comments on “More is more. Alma Hotel Tel Aviv.

  1. Found This Painted That
    December 10, 2013

    What a job you get to have! And from what I can tell, your hotel WILL be the best!

    • jfadesign
      December 10, 2013

      Many thanks for your kind words!! I hope to get to post my own hotel soon!!

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