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The Bowl Chair reproduction by Arper


Italian design brand Arper is going to relaunch a limited edition version of a bowl-shaped chair designed by late Modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951 .The Bowl Chair features a metal frame with four legs supporting a ring into which the upholstered seat is inserted. The seat can be swivelled in the frame to allow for more upright or reclined seating positions, with loose cushions enhancing the design’s flexibility. The new Bowl chair will be produced in black leather and a range of coloured fabrics.


Bo Bardi, who was born in Italy in 1914 but moved to Brazil in 1946, designed the chair during a period when she was living in São Paulo and working predominantly on the design of products and interiors.She subsequently established herself as a prominent publisher, curator and architect, responsible for important projects in the city. Luigi and Claudio Feltrin of Arper explained that their intention in relaunching the chair is to highlight Bo Bardi’s significant legacy: “In doing this, we wish to give the Bowl Chair and Lina’s way of thinking a future. The limited edition creates a link between the past and the future.” 


The chair’s bowl, which was originally made from heavy hand-forged iron, is now produced in plastic to make it lighter and flexible enough to fit the foam and fabric to the frame.Arper attempted to standardise the processes used to manufacture the chair so it can be reproduced  in a limited edition, representing its designer’s philosophy of combining industrialised production and individualised objects with improved interaction. An official launch event for the Lina Bo Bardi Bowl Chair will take place in London on 29 January 2014.


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